Introductory Screen

What is ATLAS gives an overview of the experiment, including information about the different types of scientists who work there (shown here).

The detector view provides a to-scale, rotatable computer model of the ATLAS detector, that highlights each of the four main detector parts. Model was built entirely by me in 3DSMax.

Link to demo video of version 1:

Design of the presentation and the CG ATLAS model were done entirely by me.

Project was supervised by Shih-Chieh Hsu of the University of Washington and Joao Pequenao of the CERN Media Lab.

Developed using ImPress presentation software.

In progress for version 2:

  • Port from ImPress software to touchscreen
  • Profiles of current ATLAS scientists/engineers on “Who works on ATLAS?” section
  • More developed content in the “Future Physics” section

ATLAS Visitor Center Display

A multimedia, touchscreen-based presentation introducing general audiences to the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. Features a 3D, to-scale comptuer generated model of the ATLAS detector that I built in 3DsMax and ported into ImPress.

ATLAS Experiment @ CERN